Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Walking up the steep steps I could hear echoing voices and every body cheering with excitement.I was incautiously waiting for my turn hoping it would be soon because I was so cold.I was very close to having my turn so I started jumping up and down. Finally I had my turn, I was going down the slide like the wind.It was pitch black and I could still hear everyone cheering.Suddenly there was light so I could tell I was near the end of the slide so I put with legs up and my arms near my face.It was really fun going down the slide because all the water was splashing on me at every turn in the slide and because it was really fast.That day I had so much fun.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Snake Assault

The snake carries the poison in a little bag they called a sack.The sack connects to the the poison then enters into the flesh with their fangs.When the fangs enter the victim’s body the poison runs down into the body.The snake then releases the fangs and maybe hurts it some more.

Once the venom enters the body the venom slowly takes over.The venom is forced into the part were the snake bites.

When the snake is finished with the thing that he’s killing he will leave also look for something to eat. Who will he/she catch next?


Confidently I was gliding past people. I was a speed machine swivelling/turning/spinning
skilfully swerving.I felt the breeze flowing through my hair it felt chilly. I soared threw the cold wind.I was thirsty so I went to the tap in the bathroom I thought to my self maybe I shouldn't have drunk from that tap. I slipped over in the bathroom it was funny. I whizzed out of the bathroom into the skating rink.The manager came out and said, "Who would like to do a beginners race out of the boys," because the girls had had their turns .In the race my position was 3rd to last