Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cross country

Laying mellow in the shade of the container for my race to begin. Repeating in my head have Trained hard enough. BANG! My nemesis was not only my endurance but my delayed reaction. “Run together aye boys” My peers repeated to each other in an encouraging tone.

Running towards the middle of the course I still felt pumped with energy. As I was jogging I stood on a stick that was pointing out of the ground. Luckily it didn’t pierce my skin.

Feeling puffed I walked for a short distance to build my stamina back up. Putting all my might into running at a speedy pace trying not to deplete all of my energy.

Coming up to the end of the course near the finish line all of us agreed to superman jump over the finish line. Overall the run wasn’t that bad I just got puffed quicker than I expected.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Managing self

For our self management task we had to make an MTV movie. We had to make it about one of Michael Jackson’s Heal the world. A total score I would give my self would be 3 out of 5. although we got job done some of our footage was weird and had green flashes. Our movie is kind of cool to watch. Next time I need to put a bit effort and expression into my scene

Monday, September 1, 2014

The storyline festival

On Thursday last week we went to the storylines fest. If you don’t know what this is it is a festival about authors for kids.

The authors that I thought were funny would have to be Juliette MacIver and Jill MacGregor. I thought Juliette MacIver was funny because the way she came across was a bit odd but overall she was a good author. I enjoyed Jill MacGregor as well because a funny comment she made after telling us a story. “Don’t buy microwave popcorn because its probably contaminated”.

If I were a presenter of the festival I would have the illustrations of the book photocopied and put on the projector so we so we could see the pictures.

If I could ask them a question it would most likely be what process do you have to go through to publish a book.