Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Two boys are playing catch with a tennis ball suddenly it turns into a banana skin.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


In the second week of the holidays my cousin Iziah came over to my house. The first thing we did was play GTA V when we got bored of that game we played AVP my cousin got killed the most and lost and I won because I used my power up which was camouflage.

We went outside to play with my little brother Josh and my neighbor Vaughan. My brother Josh wanted to play fight with us. The game mode was free for all and we were aloud to use weapons but mostly Josh was aloud. Iziah jumped on my back and tried to choke me so I fell backwards on the ground. Josh came at me with a stick and started whacking me so I picked him up and chucked him on the ground. After he got chucked on the ground he ran to the fence and ripped off a vine with thorns at first I thought he was joking until he whipped me. My leg started to bleed so I grabbed a vine and started whipping him. His leg started to bleed to so we went inside and had dinner.

When My little brother Josh went to bed my cousin asked if we could watch a scary movie so we watched THE CONJURING. Iziah was so scared he wanted my mum in the room with us.