Thursday, April 26, 2012

AMF-Bowling and Time-Outzone and shopping

On Wednesday last week I went to AMF bowling place. I ran to the timeout zone and went to the midnight club 2. Midnight Club 2 Is a street racing game, its a life like game with a gear-stick accelerate pedal, a brake pedal and a real steering wheel.

I like racing in multiplayer with my brother. I nearly beat him but there is one corner that I can’t conquer. I always crash into the side of the wall and my brother carefully drifts up the sloped corner.

After that game I went to the claw game “grrrrrrrhhhhhhh” I thought all that nice chocolate.You have to grab chocolate with the claw. There were heaps of Whittakers mini chocolate bars. I grabbed two Freddos and then they dropped on the board that pushes the other chocolates from the end into the slot. I got eight of them in one go I tryed again and I got even more I got a sugar rush and stopped eating it.

The basket-ball game caught my eye and quickly ran to it I put my money in and I started shooting the balls into the hoop swooh SWOOSH I was going like mad brrriiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg the bell went “have you done good enough to move on to the next stage” said the narrator from the machine. Ding ding ding went the bell and the balls started rolling down and I started playing again. I stopped playing but I got 49 tickets.

My little brother was playing a junior version of the basket-ball I was playing he kept on missing so I helped him and grabbed some of the balls and reached over and dropped them in he only got 13 tickets he was happy enough.

After AMF-BOWLING AND TIME-OUTZONE we went to burger king to get lunch. My big brother and I got the five dollar whopper jr value meal with the whopper jr burger, medium fries and a small drink. My Mum and little brother Joshua got the 3 for 5 dollars meal. With that meal you can choose from a variety of meal deals my mum chose 2 bk shots a small shake and small fries. Our order got made quickly we started talking about stuff.

We walked into panmure and went to the toy warehouse and I got 2 xtreme parachute men It was 10$ for 2 I also got a F-22 jet plane for 22.00 dollars. Lucky I saved my pocket money.