Thursday, September 29, 2011

Michael Fishbach, whale researcher, is with his family on a boat. As their boat is cruising through the water, As they glided through they see a humpback whale. It had no signs of life. I wonder if it is alright. Another man on the boat had a small knife and they started cutting the net. They pulled the net up to the boat to cut it. His/her pectoral fins were pinned down by the net so was the fluke.It was hours of exhausting work.

Finally it got free it was doing amazing displays, Tail slaps, pectoral fin slaps, 40 amazing breaches and slaps.

It must have been amazing to see.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A big thanks to bucklands beach lions club for providing us with FREE BOOKS.

The first book I got is Incredible reptiles and the other one is david goes to school.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Cross country

All of the senior school walked to the point engalnd reserve. Everybody had to wait for Mr Burt. TJ and I got bored so we started playing with the grass, we were chucking it at each other, it was fun until Gabriel started putting grass down my back he was been annoying.

¨Finally¨ I said as Mr Burt had arrived to the reserve. ¨Can the the ten year olds come to the starting line please¨said one of the teachers  ¨Oh well I guess that´s me¨ I thought. We all walked up to the start line, I was thinking what place I might come.¨Take Your Mark, Get Set, GO¨ Shouted Mr Burt.

I started to sprint, as I got to the shelly path I started to think of an idea. I thought that I just might, by the slightest, get a reasonably good placing. Sadly I didn´t. The environment was clean and the air was fresh it felt nice.The track was made of dirt and sand it felt funny when you walked,ran or jogged on it it was like a special isolated island.

I started to jog when I was half way to the finish line I started getting tired so slowed down  Mohammad had sped up to me I started to sprint again. I finished. I had beaten Mohammad.I wonder what I came.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Four weeks ago room fourteen went to our first lesson of badminton.Before our lesson room 16 were there.The instructor that was teaching us how to play badminton was named Lorene.

First we had to sit down so that Lorene could tell us what her instructions were that we had to follow.After she told us her instructions were we were aloud to get a racket.I got a black red racket it looked brand new.then every one got a shuttle so we could play.Lorene asked us if we could hit the shuttle three times in the air and put the racket under your legs and bounce the shuttle without dropping it.The first few times I dropped it and then I the hang of it.

Lorene said that when she says shuttle we would have to stop.Then we were aloud to get a partner.Me and Jayden were partners.Jayden was really good at it when he closed his eyes but when I had a go with my eyes closed I was hopeless.”SHUTTLE”said Lorene every thing stopped and went quite.Oh no was this the end of the lesson was It finished how could I tell.