Monday, December 17, 2012


Netbooks I can still remember the first day I got my Netbook it was last year. Everyone from year 5 to year 8 has netbooks, netbooks are good source of education and technology.

Yellow hat: Drive on the internet and going on online maths, it is easier to work out the strategy. Doing writing and maths on paper is boring but netbooks make it more fun than looking at a boring plain paper workbook.

Black hat: A few of the bad things about netbooks are the hinges aren’t very strong, the keys can fall off easily and the screen is too small.

Green hat: Next Year they should upgrade our netbooks and put hyperstudio, imovie 09, photo booth and garageband so we can make movies, edit photos and make our own music.

Camp Bentzon movies

Monday, December 3, 2012

Zyrin and Jacob sentences

I have been learning to add detail to the beginning, middle and end of my sentences. Which one do you like the best?

J.D. It is only a few weeks until Christmas I am so looking forward to it.

Zyrin Parkin. My family and I are looking forward to Christmas.

J.D. I am looking forward to the extremely awesome Christmas.

J.D I am looking forward to my family coming for Christmas especially my cousins Iziah and Tim to come over.

Zyrin Parkin. I am looking forward to seeing my nana and pop on christmas.

Zyrin Parkin. I am looking forward to getting my special present on Christmas.

J.D. I am looking forward to the ultimate, exciting , amazing, awesome and fantastic christmas experience.

Zyrin Parkin. I am looking forward to the most best Christmas in the world.

J.D. I am looking forward to Christmas, and seeing my family.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A silent world

This is saying Hi my name is Jacob I like to play rugby in sign language

Did you know that the deaf awareness week is the 22nd to the 28th of september. The producer of the silent world theatre documentary is named Frank Atu. Did you know that the Oticon foundation benefit the hearing impaired.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Camp Bentzon Recount

These guys are having as much fun as I was.

On tuesday the 20th of november most of the year six’s woke up extra early. I woke up at ten minutes to five, I got dressed and everything and then my mum and me went pick Howard and his mum up at six thirty. First my mum tooted the horn and then I went to the door and knocked, howard answered the door and I said “Are you guys ready” and he said “ yes” Which was a relief because we needed to get our lunch. We just got our lunch and breakfast.

I thought we were late to school but we got there five minutes early to leave to sandspit. We had to pack anyone's bag in first then we had that cleared off the list we went into the hall hall and Mr Burt said a korero and then we left as we were walking out of the hall my mum came and gave me a big hug and kiss in front of my friends...... HOW EMBARRASSING. Finally we got on the bus I waved goodbye and I had a smirk on my face. After a long bus ride we arrived at sandspit. We caught the ferry at sandspit. Some kids saw Mr Coupe threw his bags out of his van.

We finally got on the ferry, and I sat on the end seat where there was the most wind. My hair blew back and wind flew through my hair. After a nice relaxing ride we arrived at Kawau Island. I was so excited when we were pulling up to the wharf. All the boys did the haka for Peter and Erin. Erin came a bit late and said can we do the actions of the haka so she can take a photo.

We had to put our bags down and go for a long walk to explore a small but large part of Kawau Island. It took us about half an hour to get half way. We sat down and had a rest and something to drink, Isara put a small rock on a big pile of stones. It took us half an hour to get down as well it was really steep walking down I was imagining how hard it would be to get back up. When we got down people were skimming rocks after that we headed back.

On thursday at camp when we finished our activities I went on the pontoon and was jumping off. I was getting bored and I looked over at the wharf and saw my friends so I swam back to shore and ran to the wharf. At first I afraid that I might jump off and go to deep and slice my foot open. but then Esrah encouraged me to give it a go so I did. I stood at the edge and just jumped in after jumping off I felt more confident and wanted to go on the tall wooden pillar. My friends jumped and I waited then when they in the water I leaped in and was laughing because I got G-FORCE in my stomach.

My favourite highlights were Sailing, kayaking, abseiling, Bombing off the wharf and the volley ball. I think Camp Bentzon was a blast.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Tomorrow I am feel relieved that we are finally leaving to KAWAU ISLAND!!! I think it will be cold on the ferry. I think that I might see a dolphin or two. I like dolphins because they feel slippery and they squeak.

Camp bentzon is on kawau island. We have to catch a bus to get to the ferry. I think the bus ride will take and a couple of hours. And the ferry ride could take about an hour. Hopefully it doesn’t rain.

I am looking forward the kayaking. I love kayaking because it is really fun and good exercise. Swimming will awesome because the water is really clear. The Burma trail sounds exciting. I can’t wait for the long bus ride as well.

I think that the confidence course will be the most challenging because it looks like there are monkey bars and i'm not good at monkey bars. Abseiling it looks really hard because it is high even though we are strapped up in a harness I am still a little bit afraid

I am looking forward to camp so much.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boat making

This afternoon we had a technology challenge. Our technology challenge was we had to make a boat with card board, a popcicle stick, gluetack and a plastic bag. This is my boat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet Poetry

At Kawau island it is sunny
And the native wekas will make it funny
Camp is going to be fun
But we will probably have to go for a run
I can’t wait for the confidence course
There could be a pause.

In summer I will swell
And I will tap with a cow bell
I like to play with the drums
And my uncle will probably drink some rum
I might Hum
While chewing gum.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last week on wednesday at ten o'clock we walked down to the bottom field I was wondering where we were going and then I saw a trailer that said Tri Kids. I thought Oooh its a triathlon. There were three men Mark, Brett and Adrian they were the people that were running and supervising the whole thing.

I said if it’s a triathlon what do you do for the swimming part but then I saw people on a water slide I realized what it was but no one brought any togs.

They told us about most of the rules and what we could and couldn’t do. They also told us what transition means. Transition one is when you walk your bike out.The rules I remember are NO riding bikes in transition.

The boys started off with riding the bikes first there was a variety to choose from as soon as I walked out of transition with the bike jumped on the bike my rear end got wet from the people that were before us they went on the water slide and got the seat wet. I had finished on the bike and put it away and then went for my run.

I kind of liked that except for choosing the broken bikes twice in a row and getting wet. And Everyone got a certificate which was cool.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush

It was time already I couldn’t wait for to happen now we're going to camp. My Uncle Leonard said “ When you're ten years old I could go camping with him and My cousin Jared”. I was so excited that we were going so I quickly got ready and grabbed my essentials which includes my fishing shorts my shirts a torch a hat my tent and my most needed thing..... My jandals. My Uncle was already sorted he put the fishing rods in the boot and the Jared was ready as well we left immediately.

We were finally there it took three hours to get there. We were in the countryside where there is a water hole, a beach, a stream and a river with salmon and trout and a lot of duck around there. First we went fishing I caught a medium salmon, Jared caught a small salmon and my uncle fished up a giant trout. I was amazed at what I got but then seeing Leonards one I thought my one was a joke. Mine tasted the best because I deboned mine and put in some salt and boiled it. Then we went to sleep lucky I had my PS VITA to stop me from getting bored.

We wake up and realize that the place doesn’t look the same the wind must of pushed  the branches on the tracks now we don’t remember the way to the beach so to make it more fun we made a raft out of sticks and logs I put my blanket as a sail and pots to keep it afloat. We made it to the beach and started laughing and then had a swim after hours of fun we headed back and found out that our stuff was gone.

We got a bit freaked and I panicked so we ran back to the car and as we ran past I saw blood in the water hole and a person we went to help my uncle grabbed her and we went to the car. We sped through to the nearest hospital to get help I stayed with the lady while my uncle went to the police station to tell them about the people that stole our stuff. They got busted and gave the stuff back and had to do ten years of jail time.

The lady we helped recovered and has thanked Leonard. We payed for her medication. And she died a few weeks later. THE END.....

Robbery Heist

It was dark cloudy day when I was heading towards the Pt England Shops. People were hanging around wondering why the door is closed. There was man behind the door, A girl goes up to the door and tries to enter the shop, but the man tells her to go away. She hears yelling and swearing so she walks away. This big guy is standing by a truck waiting he seems suspicious his eyes are wide open looking directly at the shop like he’s waiting for something or someone. She also sees a man in a small rubbish truck disguised as a government worker. The girl starts walking home but the yelling and crying can still be heard from were she is she gets freaked out by it so she runs home.

Walking past the freaked out girl and ask what's wrong, She tells me the whole story. It seems suspicious to me so I go and check it out. While walking towards the shops I think why I am going into a danger zone. The guys she was talking about was still waiting by the truck.And he was still staring right at the shop I realize that the girl was telling me the truth I jump the fence and snuck out back. there three guys standing outside of the back entrance they are holding ats. When I glance at their weapons behind a barrel I realize that there is blood on one of the bats my heart starts pounding what should I do.

They take me hostage and tie me up with all the other hostages and throw us in a room. They uplift every thing in search of money and valuables. They took all the money from the cash register and the wifes five hundred carat diamond necklace and a whole jewellery box of pearls and rubies he grabs them and starts his evil laugh “mwa ha ha ha MWAA HAA HAA HAA”. There mine all mine suddenly he goes outside and tells his men what he has found. My arm gets loose and I realize that I have a swiss-army knife in my pocket I cut the rope on my arm. My arms get free and I cut the rope off my leg and try to escape. I get outside until he whacks me in the head. Because of my foolish act he took the life of the shopkeeper and caves his head in.

I call for help while my new companion stands by the door waiting for Rick the meanest thief. My companion hits him in the head but then Rick pulls out a desert eagle and shot him in the stomach. It leaves a massive hole he suffers in pain. He gives up and slowly dies I get aggressive and turn to a Tank off left for dead 2. I grab Rick and throw him at the wall then Rodney comes up and tries hitting me with a bat I knock them out I turn back into a human and call for help.

As soon as help arrives I lead them to the hostages and robbers the cops taze rick in the face he screams like a little girl. They all get arrested and the dead corpses get cremated. I have now attended law school and is studying to be a marine. Rick is planning his revenge.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Subject Poetry

Long beaches
Awesome animals
Tasty apples,
cold blue beaches
sparkling necklaces of pounamu
Blue skies
Warm and cold weather
Fierce dancers

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wood Carving

After reading Wood Carving by Brenda Martin I have made my own wood carving design.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autobiography Poem

Likes Television, Technology and I Talk a lot
Lover of my PS.VITA
Who feels excited when it rains
Who needs technology to keep busy
Who gives my big brother a hard time
Who fears heights
Who would like to see a Comic Con festival
Resident of Glen Innes.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Today it was !!!LOUD SHIRT DAY!!!, when Howard and I walked in to school Darius and this other person took a photo of us with our loud shirts and they made us hold a poster that said loud shirt day. And you also have to pay one dollar fee to dress for loud shirt day.

The loud shirt that I wore a Black long sleeve under my hawaiian shirt it is orange, yellow and red with black palm trees. It was my grandads but then he gave it to me now I have an awesome hawaiian shirt.

Now the bell has rung and we have to go to assembly, first we sang the national anthem and then Mr. Burt said that are prizes for the best dressed and there were there were four prizes. the teacher that was the best dressed was Mr Slade he was wearing a lavalava and a loud shirt.

They are going to fund the people that are deaf. I feel sorry for them.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kartmen's Birthday disaster

One sunny day at the Jakopolis beach there were a lot of friends of Kartmen’s, it was his birthday at the beach there are five adults and 14 kids. Kartmen’s best friend stan was there they are going to have a barbeque for lunch then they were going to camp for the night at Jakopolis beach on the sand, they were going to toast marshmallows on a fire. Kartmen’s other friend was there his name is Kenny, He can’t talk in big crowds. They are having so much fun playing on the groin and bombing off into the water a fine day was set out good weather good friends and good food until an unwelcomed guest arrived.

There was a pause in all the excitement Kartmen’s uncle Louie Gee was there he was drunk and aggressive as always, Kartmen was very terrified he was so scared and upset he all of a sudden had a rush of adrenaline and ran up to his uncle and pulled his hair and started punching him in the face his uncle was not a happy chap. He was so angry and drunk he grabbed Kartmen by the neck threw him at the ground he started abusing Kartmen’s mum. Kartmen was injured and he was crying it was so sore he already was bruised. Kartmen’s mum was screaming and yelling, Then suddenly the his dad and the uncle started fighting.

There is a problem and it needs to be fixed, Kartmen tells all the kids to back away from the terror. Kenny is in the water scared and away from the violence. All of a sudden Kenny felt something he took a step forward to see what it was with no doubt at all he slips and whacks his head on a hard sharp rock. Kenny is in shock blood his leaking out of his head. Fish start nibbling at his head and raw flesh he starts floating away he does not know that he is slowly dieing because he is unconcious. Kartmen Gets the all the kids to walk into the bush they are all far away from home and can’t go back. The kids start grabbing things to make a hutt to sleep in Kartmen realizes that Kenny is missing he screams out “KENNY, KENNY WHERE ARE YOU”. Kartmen starts crying Stan says its alright. Kartmens mum is already dead and his dad is badly injured and can’t move, Stan has had enough of this he grabs something from out of his bag he knew that something was going to go terribly bad he grabs some dirt and smears it on his cheek and says”ITS ON”. The uncle has a 62-22 ACTION REVOLVER A war has started. Stan grabs the object that he go from his bag Kartmen realizes that it is a AA-12 COMBAT SHOTGUN. A whole gang of psychotics come with M-4’S, SLUGGISH PISTOLS AND SAWN OFF SHOT GUNS. The uncle thinks the only way to escape is to fight back. Kartmen starts up a rescue party for Kenny and Stan and Louie Gee find all the weapons they and objects they can find. Kartmen’s dad has a flare gun they can use it as a distraction. The search party made a raft to find Kenny, They need Kenny alive because he is the smartest person there. Stan shot a gangsters in the face and his head got splattered all the gangsters got killed except for one that was so scared that he ran away the uncle got shot in the arm and survived.

In the end they only found Kennys body with all the life sucked out of him he could have survived but he drowned. He got cremated and now his remains are left in Jakobra falls left in peace and quiet and with the soothing sound of the waterfall. Kartmen is going to take revenge on the Ballas gang and they will never know what hit them. Kartmen’s mum is the Royal Cemetery, The cemetery felt sad so in memory of her they let her be buried in their cemetery because they felt sad about it and heard about their losses. THE END!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Farewell Mrs Verry

Today there was a type of ceremony for Mrs Verry because she leaving because she is retired.
There was a lot people with watery eyes and some people were crying as well it makes you sad to see other people sad and upset. I don’t know much about Mrs Verry except she helps people with reading and I have seen her walking around the school patrolling the area heaps and heaps of times. I wonder what she feels like now that she is retiring she must be sad. Farewell Mrs Verry. I hope you had a great tome at pt England and hope your leg gets better.
Have a Great retirement.

We will miss you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Box Plane

You fold the paper in squares.

Fold the outsides inwards.

Fold the corners to the middle.

Create a box by pulling the insides out.

Now you should have a rectangular box.

Monday, September 10, 2012


On Saturday night I watched Fear Factor with my grandad. Usually My grandad watches another program. But Not This Time......... My grandad said “do you really want to watch it“ And I said of course I want to it is one of the most awesomest show. We started watching it and my grandad started laughing. The prize money if you win this is 50,000.

After the first part that looked cool there was a freaky, weird and scary task it involved something that started wit S.... N.... A.... K.... E....S. Snakes Are very scary. The task was that they have to lay in a big box with all the SNAKES slithering around your body and your partner had to grab the snakes with his/her mouth and transfer them from one box to another. And then the snakes had to be weighed.

After the second task they had to have one partner hanging upside down and clipped to a rope that is clipped to a helicopter and your other partner has to ride a jet-ski. The partner has to get all the flags and give them to the partner on the helicopter.

Fear Factor is a cool program to watch. Now My grandad likes to watch fear factor with me.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tommy Kapai Wilson Comes to G.I

Before Todays Assembly I didn’t know much About Tommy Kapai Wilson I never knew what he looked like what he did or where he worked except for his book/animated series. Now I know all the things I needed to know all I knew was he made the animated series Cuzzies. I think it was nice That he Went to wellington and asked the maori lady that met Princess Diana to ask what she did when she met the princess and writ book about it. I Think it is cool that he asked The illustrator to put his dad in the corner of his great book I met a Princess. I think that Tommy Kapai Wilson Inspired me.

A great way to have good day is make 10 people smile and it will be worth your while.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Jesse Owens

This is the storyboard for my movie I am creating about Jesse Owens. Stay tuned on my blog to view the final presentation

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Three fun facts about the marathon

These are some facts I never new about the marathon.
1:You have to run 40km
2:They can drink water
3:the race is exactly 26.6 mile long

Monday, August 6, 2012

My weekend

In the weekend I played with my friend Vaughn. He lives next to me .We played tennis Over the fence and then we played squash against his weatherboards.

After we played he went inside because it was getting a bit dark. I went inside and played on the computer and playstation. I watched some movies as well. We had dinner we had spaghetti bolognaise for dessert we had cheese cake with cream.

My friend Vaughn came back and he brang his small puppy over her name is marley. We were playing with his dog I got an old ball and gave it to the dog and it ran away with it. I never saw it again.

Hopefully I find My ball today so I can play tennis and squash again. It was fun playing with his dog.

things that stress me out and things that cool me down

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Medley relay

As far as we know, the medley relay is one of the most popular sport in the olympics. Four types of swimming in a specific order, are involved in this event it gets carried on by each contestant.

The aim of the game is to win the race and go as fast as you can. and you need to be fit then the other team members.

The swimmers wear suits to reduce drag. Did you know that there is an olympic rule that you have to wear a suit or speedos during a competition for modesty. You also have to wear a hair cap to keep your hair out of the way and to reduce drag. And they use goggles to keep the chlorine out of there eyes. The pool they swim in is 50 meters long and has lanes and lane ropes.

You need to be fit and fast and have a healthy diet. You also need to train hard and use teamwork and build your muscles up. If you don’t train you could get unfit.

I think that the medley relay sounds like fun and could be very tiring at the same time.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Greek wrestling

Greek boys were taught how to wrestle in school. They trained in a palestra. A palestra is a large place where they were they train. A palestra is also a gymnasium.

They were trained because there was a lot of war and fighting. The greek liked to take over other countries. And it was a part of self defence. After they were trained they could fight against the romans.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

olympic flag

Did you know that Baron Pierre De Coubertin invented the five Olympic Rings? The Olympic Rings are five different colours blue, black, red, yellow, green and white behind. The colours are representing all five different continents’ flags which is Africa, Europe, Oceania, Asia and America.

Every four years the Olympic games start. When the olympics start a flag with the five rings and a white background appear in the stadium. When the opening ceremony starts the flag gets hoisted up onto the flagpole and when the games end the flag gets lowered down.

Did you know that the Motto of the Olympic games is Swifter, Higher, Stronger. Did you know that the latin name for swifter, higher, stronger is Citius Altius Fortius. It is a good motto for the olympics.

The Olympic flame or torch is carried in a relay all the way to the host city it is an old tradition. The torch is lit in ancient greece By the sun raise. The host city this london this year.

As the flame gets carried into the stadium they light on a cauldron. It carries on until the end of the games. When the flame is out the stadium is lonely.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Replica of Vincent Van Gogh's

Vincent Van Gogh Was a man that lived in the 18th century. He was a famous painter that painted a picture named Harvest at La Cra, with Montmajour in the Background that I have made a replica of.And also the painting La Cra, with Montmajour in the Background was painted in Arles, France: June, (1888).

My painting is not as good as Vincent Van Gogh’s but there are some similarities between mine and Vincent’s. My haystack and wheel-barrow and my house are slightly similar but mine has thicker outlines.

There are heaps of differences between mine and his like my meadows and fences and gates
and all the fields as well as the mountains.

His message I wonder what he is trying to tell us .is probably to tell people to do it themselves or The mood could be a lazy sunny day. Sitting in the fields or on the soft grass.

I am quite happy with most of my work except I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t get enough time to finish my work and I had to rush.

I think that I did well with my replica but it is still not like his. I hope next time that I will do better.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Epic swimming

My swimming instructor talking to me

Me trying back stroke

All classes in Pt England are taking swimming lessons. I thought that it was going to be a long and exhausting walk but it was quite refreshing. Swimming lessons are important for safety of young children.

We were half way walking towards the pools, Until we had to wait for the snails to catch up to the cheetahs. As we walked past the green swampy creek a disgusting stench ambushed my nose a bombardment of disgust struck my delicate nose hairs I wasn’t happy that sewage water ruining my morning.

As soon as we got to the pools everyone could smell the strong chlorine. At least it got rid of that other bad smell. We got told to go to the changing rooms to get ready in our togs for our swimming assessment. An assessment is when you get tested and get put a group swimming assessment.

The first part of our assessment was swimming with rocket arms. I got put in group two its not the worst and it’s not the best group but it is just right for my level. I’m not so good at freestyle and backstroke. The good thing is that I’m learning that’s why I am in the medium group.

Our swimming instructors name is Natalia. She is good at her job which is instructing swimming classes. We get half an hour with our swimming teacher. during our time the instructor helps us with our swimming like backstroke, rocket arms, freestyle and our breathing position.

As we walked back I was feeling tired and exhausted but....... I was just exaggerating. I just needed some water. After I had water I felt better I was as healthy as a horse.

Starry starry night

Starry night was Created in Saint-Rémy, France in June, 1889 By Vincent Van Gogh.73 by 90 cm.

All of the colours contrast  between  happy and sad. Different colours are good but blue and yellow grab the most attention because he has put in more effort. But the small details still counted and are used in the buildings. The buildings are amazing with the 3 dimensional structures and the dimmed lights coming out the windows.

The sky is colourful with the bright yellow crescent moon and all the stars. The shapes of the stars are cool especially the waving swirling wind. That tall tree is called a cypress tree. It looks black but if you look at it properly it’s actually got strokes of green.

My favourite part of the piece of art is the orange and yellow sunset with the streaks of thick paint. In a way it looks real and in some way its looks a bit exaggerated is well.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh's life

We are learning about art Our topic is art alive.

Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1853-1890. He also has a little brother called Theo. Theo would send money to Vincent and would encourage him to keep on painting.

Most of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are sad and depressing it must represent his feelings of all the depression he was going through. He was so sad he cut a piece of his ear
Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1853-1890.

Vincent got lead poisoning from nibbling at his oil paint.Most of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are sad and depressing  it must represent his feelings of all the depression he was going through. He was so sad he cut a piece of his ear off.

My favourite paintings are

Cafe Terracenight at Rhone and sunflowers

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh's sunflowers

Well do you have enough money to buy this work of art? It was sold for 40 000 000$ in an auction in 1987. I wonder what it would be worth now? The famous artist Vincent van Gogh used oil paint for his great paintings including sunflowers. The size of the magnificent sunflower painting was 73x90.

This painting must feel like a real sunflower because he just the slapped heaps of paint. It is so thick and bumpy. He must of wasted his money buying the paint because he just soars threw it he would even go without food to buy the paint. He slaps on the paint to the canvas and then he creates a master-piece.

There are not so many colours as I thought there would be. I wish it would be bright and happy and colourful with bright yellow, orange and red

Dark and Bright contrasts Dark Death and Bright Life. What do you think about sunflowers? are they as bright and happy as you think they are. Someone could send you old and dying sunflowers are they trying to send you a message? Or they could send fresh and nice sunflowers.

Most of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are sad and depressing it must represent his feelings of all the depression he was going through. He was so sad he cut a piece of his ear.

Sunflowers by Jacob


Thursday, April 26, 2012

AMF-Bowling and Time-Outzone and shopping

On Wednesday last week I went to AMF bowling place. I ran to the timeout zone and went to the midnight club 2. Midnight Club 2 Is a street racing game, its a life like game with a gear-stick accelerate pedal, a brake pedal and a real steering wheel.

I like racing in multiplayer with my brother. I nearly beat him but there is one corner that I can’t conquer. I always crash into the side of the wall and my brother carefully drifts up the sloped corner.

After that game I went to the claw game “grrrrrrrhhhhhhh” I thought all that nice chocolate.You have to grab chocolate with the claw. There were heaps of Whittakers mini chocolate bars. I grabbed two Freddos and then they dropped on the board that pushes the other chocolates from the end into the slot. I got eight of them in one go I tryed again and I got even more I got a sugar rush and stopped eating it.

The basket-ball game caught my eye and quickly ran to it I put my money in and I started shooting the balls into the hoop swooh SWOOSH I was going like mad brrriiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg the bell went “have you done good enough to move on to the next stage” said the narrator from the machine. Ding ding ding went the bell and the balls started rolling down and I started playing again. I stopped playing but I got 49 tickets.

My little brother was playing a junior version of the basket-ball I was playing he kept on missing so I helped him and grabbed some of the balls and reached over and dropped them in he only got 13 tickets he was happy enough.

After AMF-BOWLING AND TIME-OUTZONE we went to burger king to get lunch. My big brother and I got the five dollar whopper jr value meal with the whopper jr burger, medium fries and a small drink. My Mum and little brother Joshua got the 3 for 5 dollars meal. With that meal you can choose from a variety of meal deals my mum chose 2 bk shots a small shake and small fries. Our order got made quickly we started talking about stuff.

We walked into panmure and went to the toy warehouse and I got 2 xtreme parachute men It was 10$ for 2 I also got a F-22 jet plane for 22.00 dollars. Lucky I saved my pocket money.