Friday, September 6, 2013

Rainbow Warrior

On the 10th of july 1985 Peter Wilcox the director of the anti nuclear movement had his boat tied up in Marsden wharf they were having a party because it was his birthday. As they were celebrating they didn’t realise that two french spies were planting bombs on the bottom of their boat.

The first bomb went off and then 4 minutes later the second bomb went off. A man shouted ABANDON SHIP. Everyone got off except for Fernando Pereira. Unfortunately he drowned. He was the photographer.

Two of the french spies got caught and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The people that actually planted the bombs got away. The french threatened the New Zealand government and said they won’t buy our dairy products and meat. New Zealand agreed with france and gave them over to the french government but New Zealand said they had to be in prison. The french government put them in prison for about two years when they got out they got medals and were treated like heroes

The french spies bombed the boat so that there government could continue their nuclear testing without the protesters trying to stop them.