Thursday, February 21, 2013


I was breathing heavily with exhaustion I was sweating so much I felt dehydrated. When I ran I felt the blood pumping through the back off my head and my pulse pounding me in the chest. I felt like giving up but I kept going and was running beside my team members in case they needed to pass the ball to me. When I was running I felt my feet stomping on the ground leaving a footprint.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Last week on tuesday all of team 5 went to tech. I forgot about it and accidently bought jandals to school and I was in hard materials I was so worried that I would get in trouble. Luckily I got moved to graphics.

Our graphics teacher is called Mr Pineda. He is new to tamaki college and our country. Our first activity was name art for my J in my name I did wood and nails. At first I lightly sketched it and when I was finished I went over it darkly.

He told us about a poster competition you can get a trip to hong kong with all expenses PAID and cash prizes. I want to win that prize it seems very reasonable.

Our graphics teacher is an awesome artist. I like drawing in that class.


Your name Jacob
Child of my mum
Who loves Swimming
Who hates Bacteria
Who wants to go to universal studios
Who wishes he/she could’ve met Will Smith
Who is scared of Rabies
Who dreams of Piano
Who is determined to Do well at school

Who values life
Who is proud of myself
mWho graduated from kindergarten
Who lives in G.I
Your name again Jacob.

Monday, February 18, 2013


My personal goal for this year is to get better with my grammer. Like where to place comma's and when to stop a sentence also I want to keep my writing interesting and not boring stories.

I am