Friday, November 15, 2013

Writing sample

Construction workers in central park on towering scaffolds building a monument “Ssssssss” you could hear flowing through the midday breeze. One of the construction workers looked gormless the man dropped his tools and walked to the edge of the scaffolds and plunged to his death everybody wondered why this innocent man threw his life. After the breeze passed the men looked down at the roads and saw crashed cars. People everywhere were committing suicide survivors asking why this is happening not knowing the natural cause of this.

P2. Survival
Date March 3rd 2009

Half of earths population was wiped out. A random man pulled up to a farm in a 76 corvette he was searching for survivors. He knocked on the farmers door and the farmer quickly opened it and pulled the man in. The two men were walking through his magnificent green house the farmer asked “Whats your name” so the man said “Rick”. Rick said to the farmer “whats going on” “Well some people would call this judgement day or the apocalypse either one will do” Said the farmer “I mean why are people killing themselves for no reason” said Rick” Its the plants there taking back whats theres and leaching a neurotoxin into the air thats what that whisper is.

P3. A new beginning
Date August 18th 2009

Rick and another survivor came by a small cottage they walked to the porch there was an old lady was sitting on a rocking chair. She greeted the travellers and welcomed them in her house this was the beginning of a new life. With only 13.47 percent of the human race left the whisper stopped and the plants resigned and stopped releasing the neurotoxin. Everybody knew that someday this will happen again.

Malala Zousafzai

Kiwi Kids News
Read the whole article and record the key words or phrases that answer the following questions.

News Article Headline
Copy and paste Link/URL here

Malala Yousafzai.
She has been nominated for a nobel peace prize.
Pakistan but lives in england.
Will find out at the end of october.
Because she was fighting for education for girls in pakistan.

Rewrite the article in your own words

Malala nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Malala Yousafzai was nominated for the nobel peace prize because she was fighting for education for girls in pakistan. Even though she got shot in the head she is still campaigning for equal rights. Right now she lives in England where it is safe because she is waiting for an operation

Opinion and Why:
What do you think about this news and why
I think that she is brave for standing up for women's education. I also think it is unfair that pakistan restricts women’s education

What are some questions this article has prompted that you may like to find out the answers to


My first day of school

“BZZZZ BZZZZ BZZZZ” “BZZZZ BZZZZ BZZZZ” Went the sound of my brothers alarm  u8i=clock, Quickly getting up I went to the bathroom to wipe my face. I rushed to my room and grabbed my favorite clothes and got dressed. I went into the kitchen to help my mum make my lunch She asked me “Are you excited for your first day of school”. I was making my favourite sandwiches peanut butter and jelly on them, a chocolate muffin, Cocktail sausages, tim tams and an orange. I jammed my lunch in my spider man back pack and waited by the car. As soon as my mum unlocked the car I hopped in my car seat. I can remember the directions perfectly. We pulled up to the school the name on the sign read Te rerenga school.

As I walked through the school gates I felt excited. My mum walked with me to the hall I sat down to see what class I was in the principal announced that I was in room 1 with Mr Errol. I got in line and walked to class. A child approached me and said hello I was nervous so I just said hello back his name was Ezekiel he was my first school friend.

When the morning tea bell rang I went to Ezekiel and sat with him. To start our friendship on a good start I gave half of my muffin to him. The whole interval I embarrassingly had muffin icing and crumbs on my face.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Storyboard template

Two boys are playing catch with a tennis ball suddenly it turns into a banana skin.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


In the second week of the holidays my cousin Iziah came over to my house. The first thing we did was play GTA V when we got bored of that game we played AVP my cousin got killed the most and lost and I won because I used my power up which was camouflage.

We went outside to play with my little brother Josh and my neighbor Vaughan. My brother Josh wanted to play fight with us. The game mode was free for all and we were aloud to use weapons but mostly Josh was aloud. Iziah jumped on my back and tried to choke me so I fell backwards on the ground. Josh came at me with a stick and started whacking me so I picked him up and chucked him on the ground. After he got chucked on the ground he ran to the fence and ripped off a vine with thorns at first I thought he was joking until he whipped me. My leg started to bleed so I grabbed a vine and started whipping him. His leg started to bleed to so we went inside and had dinner.

When My little brother Josh went to bed my cousin asked if we could watch a scary movie so we watched THE CONJURING. Iziah was so scared he wanted my mum in the room with us.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Rainbow Warrior

On the 10th of july 1985 Peter Wilcox the director of the anti nuclear movement had his boat tied up in Marsden wharf they were having a party because it was his birthday. As they were celebrating they didn’t realise that two french spies were planting bombs on the bottom of their boat.

The first bomb went off and then 4 minutes later the second bomb went off. A man shouted ABANDON SHIP. Everyone got off except for Fernando Pereira. Unfortunately he drowned. He was the photographer.

Two of the french spies got caught and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The people that actually planted the bombs got away. The french threatened the New Zealand government and said they won’t buy our dairy products and meat. New Zealand agreed with france and gave them over to the french government but New Zealand said they had to be in prison. The french government put them in prison for about two years when they got out they got medals and were treated like heroes

The french spies bombed the boat so that there government could continue their nuclear testing without the protesters trying to stop them.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Weekend

In the weekend I went to my cousins house. The very first thing we did was we drove to the video store. I started looking in the comedy area while my cousin was searching through the horror movies. We were going to get the special of five movies for $10. One of my youngest cousins chose two kids movies, they were Horton here's a who and also Madagascar two. My cousin got two horror movies as well. I was left to choose one comedy and I chose Step brothers. We finally left the video store after all the searching. My cousin realised that we had no snacks so we rushed to to Pak'N'Save. We sprinted to the fizzy drink isle and he grabbed a 2.25 litre Fanta bottle, I was really surprised that he got that. we also got a big bag of marsh mellows for every one to roast in the fire and we couldn't forget the chips. We made our way to the checkout and we whizzed through the guy that served us our items. He was really nice and could see we were in a rush. We finally got home first we started play fighting on the trampoline obviously I won. My Aunty started the fire My cousin and I quickly grabbed a stick and ran in side. I burnt most of mine but they still tasted nice, for some odd reason my cousin had his ones in for longer but his wasn't burnt it was perfectly toasted. In the morning we went for a walk with my uncle Jarod, aunty Tamson, cousin Milly and my second youngest cousin Xavier. People just call him Xavie and my cousin thats about the same age as me Iziah. We walked across the beach and found heaps of crabs. My gumboot got stuck and I couldn't get it back out. My weekend was awesome. I like sleeping at my cousin's house.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ipad article

Did you know that IPAD 2nd generation isn’t healthy for elderly people with defibrillators implanted into your chest. There is a magnet inside of the front cover of the ipad.

It was discovered by a girl called Gianna Chien. She lives in america. It was a part of her science fair that she was a part of.

It is lucky that this was discovered.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Yesterday a very special person came to P.T ENGLAND SCHOOL OMG. At first I didn’t know who it was but as soon as the camera crews came I knew it was someone important. When Mr. Burt said to everyone do you know about the black eyed peas right then I knew who it could be the I.AM ANGEL poster kind of gave it away.

I was ULTRA MEGA EXCITED when the one and only WILL.I.AM came. He is like my hero. I loved his presentation his life story was sad and cool at the same. It is great that he said the we need friends.

WILL.I.AM is my inspiration. When I feel sad or when I’m bored I listen to his music I think I could be just like him when I am older or be physicist.

WILL.I.AM and his foundation I.AM ANGEL is very generous. WILL.I.AM is My hero. Thank you a lot WILL.I.AM.

Monday, April 29, 2013


In the holidays I am going to have fun doing new and adventurous things.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Term reflection

This year I achieved my reading test it was kind of challenging but not extreme I am glad I past. I am proud to be in room 22 to it is a great experience with two awesome teachers.

I think I need to focus more during math next term. I get distracted easily and lose focus.

My highlight of the term is going to be Fia Fia I am so excited. I like to perform in front of an audience even if I am in the hawaiian group.

Next term I am looking forward to see what our term subject is

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tent pitching

Last week I helped put the tents up for the year 5 and 6’s. There were a lot of tents to put up I helped put up about six tents and straightened heaps of pegs.

My cousin

My cousin Iziah is Medium build very thin hair and a horrible sense of humor. He likes the same things that I like A.K.A Game consoles, computers, scooter riding, swimming and going to IZEAL. He is as thin as a meerkat and as tall a baby giraffe.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Working on today.

Today for math I learnt more about Minus's under the zero.

Show not tell

Today was a very sunny day. It was so warm I felt like I was being cooked alive. When I put water on my face I heard it make sssssss noise. I listened as the water evaporated into steam.

Monday, March 4, 2013

04/03/13 Writing test

This morning we all completed our first writing sample for 2013. I have posted just as I wrote it in the 40 minutes that we were given, So that throughout the year I will be able to look back and reflect on the the progress I have made in my writing. I will post my learning goals from this soon.

On Monday the fourth of February I arrived to school. I noticed that the slide on the park had disappeared and the flying fox had disappeared as well. I thought they might be getting a new slide and flying fox but I was wrong. I walked into my classroom to put my bag away. As I walked out I was shocked the sky had faded away I was worried that the atmosphere had disappeared too luckily not.

The lunch bell had rung so I ran to the breeze for a second I was running in the and then I ended up outside. I was starting be afraid every time I looked away from something it disappeared. Forty minutes had gone past but the bell hadn't rung I was walking I wondered where all the people left to. I looked at a class wall and realized that the bells were gone so were all the people.

I thought someone was playing a mean trick on me. The whole world was fading away the grass went grey buildings crumbled into dust planes got ripped to pieces by a black hole. The ground concrete disappeared I was falling and falling and falling. Soon all of the remaining parts of earth were gone everything turned into a white dimension. All life was gone except for me.

I was sad and upset I looked at my arms and my hands had faded too. My entire body was fading into the oxygen only my head was left all I could say was “GOODBYE”.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I was breathing heavily with exhaustion I was sweating so much I felt dehydrated. When I ran I felt the blood pumping through the back off my head and my pulse pounding me in the chest. I felt like giving up but I kept going and was running beside my team members in case they needed to pass the ball to me. When I was running I felt my feet stomping on the ground leaving a footprint.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Last week on tuesday all of team 5 went to tech. I forgot about it and accidently bought jandals to school and I was in hard materials I was so worried that I would get in trouble. Luckily I got moved to graphics.

Our graphics teacher is called Mr Pineda. He is new to tamaki college and our country. Our first activity was name art for my J in my name I did wood and nails. At first I lightly sketched it and when I was finished I went over it darkly.

He told us about a poster competition you can get a trip to hong kong with all expenses PAID and cash prizes. I want to win that prize it seems very reasonable.

Our graphics teacher is an awesome artist. I like drawing in that class.


Your name Jacob
Child of my mum
Who loves Swimming
Who hates Bacteria
Who wants to go to universal studios
Who wishes he/she could’ve met Will Smith
Who is scared of Rabies
Who dreams of Piano
Who is determined to Do well at school

Who values life
Who is proud of myself
mWho graduated from kindergarten
Who lives in G.I
Your name again Jacob.

Monday, February 18, 2013


My personal goal for this year is to get better with my grammer. Like where to place comma's and when to stop a sentence also I want to keep my writing interesting and not boring stories.

I am