Thursday, November 29, 2012

A silent world

This is saying Hi my name is Jacob I like to play rugby in sign language

Did you know that the deaf awareness week is the 22nd to the 28th of september. The producer of the silent world theatre documentary is named Frank Atu. Did you know that the Oticon foundation benefit the hearing impaired.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Camp Bentzon Recount

These guys are having as much fun as I was.

On tuesday the 20th of november most of the year six’s woke up extra early. I woke up at ten minutes to five, I got dressed and everything and then my mum and me went pick Howard and his mum up at six thirty. First my mum tooted the horn and then I went to the door and knocked, howard answered the door and I said “Are you guys ready” and he said “ yes” Which was a relief because we needed to get our lunch. We just got our lunch and breakfast.

I thought we were late to school but we got there five minutes early to leave to sandspit. We had to pack anyone's bag in first then we had that cleared off the list we went into the hall hall and Mr Burt said a korero and then we left as we were walking out of the hall my mum came and gave me a big hug and kiss in front of my friends...... HOW EMBARRASSING. Finally we got on the bus I waved goodbye and I had a smirk on my face. After a long bus ride we arrived at sandspit. We caught the ferry at sandspit. Some kids saw Mr Coupe threw his bags out of his van.

We finally got on the ferry, and I sat on the end seat where there was the most wind. My hair blew back and wind flew through my hair. After a nice relaxing ride we arrived at Kawau Island. I was so excited when we were pulling up to the wharf. All the boys did the haka for Peter and Erin. Erin came a bit late and said can we do the actions of the haka so she can take a photo.

We had to put our bags down and go for a long walk to explore a small but large part of Kawau Island. It took us about half an hour to get half way. We sat down and had a rest and something to drink, Isara put a small rock on a big pile of stones. It took us half an hour to get down as well it was really steep walking down I was imagining how hard it would be to get back up. When we got down people were skimming rocks after that we headed back.

On thursday at camp when we finished our activities I went on the pontoon and was jumping off. I was getting bored and I looked over at the wharf and saw my friends so I swam back to shore and ran to the wharf. At first I afraid that I might jump off and go to deep and slice my foot open. but then Esrah encouraged me to give it a go so I did. I stood at the edge and just jumped in after jumping off I felt more confident and wanted to go on the tall wooden pillar. My friends jumped and I waited then when they in the water I leaped in and was laughing because I got G-FORCE in my stomach.

My favourite highlights were Sailing, kayaking, abseiling, Bombing off the wharf and the volley ball. I think Camp Bentzon was a blast.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Tomorrow I am feel relieved that we are finally leaving to KAWAU ISLAND!!! I think it will be cold on the ferry. I think that I might see a dolphin or two. I like dolphins because they feel slippery and they squeak.

Camp bentzon is on kawau island. We have to catch a bus to get to the ferry. I think the bus ride will take and a couple of hours. And the ferry ride could take about an hour. Hopefully it doesn’t rain.

I am looking forward the kayaking. I love kayaking because it is really fun and good exercise. Swimming will awesome because the water is really clear. The Burma trail sounds exciting. I can’t wait for the long bus ride as well.

I think that the confidence course will be the most challenging because it looks like there are monkey bars and i'm not good at monkey bars. Abseiling it looks really hard because it is high even though we are strapped up in a harness I am still a little bit afraid

I am looking forward to camp so much.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boat making

This afternoon we had a technology challenge. Our technology challenge was we had to make a boat with card board, a popcicle stick, gluetack and a plastic bag. This is my boat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet Poetry

At Kawau island it is sunny
And the native wekas will make it funny
Camp is going to be fun
But we will probably have to go for a run
I can’t wait for the confidence course
There could be a pause.

In summer I will swell
And I will tap with a cow bell
I like to play with the drums
And my uncle will probably drink some rum
I might Hum
While chewing gum.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last week on wednesday at ten o'clock we walked down to the bottom field I was wondering where we were going and then I saw a trailer that said Tri Kids. I thought Oooh its a triathlon. There were three men Mark, Brett and Adrian they were the people that were running and supervising the whole thing.

I said if it’s a triathlon what do you do for the swimming part but then I saw people on a water slide I realized what it was but no one brought any togs.

They told us about most of the rules and what we could and couldn’t do. They also told us what transition means. Transition one is when you walk your bike out.The rules I remember are NO riding bikes in transition.

The boys started off with riding the bikes first there was a variety to choose from as soon as I walked out of transition with the bike jumped on the bike my rear end got wet from the people that were before us they went on the water slide and got the seat wet. I had finished on the bike and put it away and then went for my run.

I kind of liked that except for choosing the broken bikes twice in a row and getting wet. And Everyone got a certificate which was cool.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush

It was time already I couldn’t wait for to happen now we're going to camp. My Uncle Leonard said “ When you're ten years old I could go camping with him and My cousin Jared”. I was so excited that we were going so I quickly got ready and grabbed my essentials which includes my fishing shorts my shirts a torch a hat my tent and my most needed thing..... My jandals. My Uncle was already sorted he put the fishing rods in the boot and the Jared was ready as well we left immediately.

We were finally there it took three hours to get there. We were in the countryside where there is a water hole, a beach, a stream and a river with salmon and trout and a lot of duck around there. First we went fishing I caught a medium salmon, Jared caught a small salmon and my uncle fished up a giant trout. I was amazed at what I got but then seeing Leonards one I thought my one was a joke. Mine tasted the best because I deboned mine and put in some salt and boiled it. Then we went to sleep lucky I had my PS VITA to stop me from getting bored.

We wake up and realize that the place doesn’t look the same the wind must of pushed  the branches on the tracks now we don’t remember the way to the beach so to make it more fun we made a raft out of sticks and logs I put my blanket as a sail and pots to keep it afloat. We made it to the beach and started laughing and then had a swim after hours of fun we headed back and found out that our stuff was gone.

We got a bit freaked and I panicked so we ran back to the car and as we ran past I saw blood in the water hole and a person we went to help my uncle grabbed her and we went to the car. We sped through to the nearest hospital to get help I stayed with the lady while my uncle went to the police station to tell them about the people that stole our stuff. They got busted and gave the stuff back and had to do ten years of jail time.

The lady we helped recovered and has thanked Leonard. We payed for her medication. And she died a few weeks later. THE END.....

Robbery Heist

It was dark cloudy day when I was heading towards the Pt England Shops. People were hanging around wondering why the door is closed. There was man behind the door, A girl goes up to the door and tries to enter the shop, but the man tells her to go away. She hears yelling and swearing so she walks away. This big guy is standing by a truck waiting he seems suspicious his eyes are wide open looking directly at the shop like he’s waiting for something or someone. She also sees a man in a small rubbish truck disguised as a government worker. The girl starts walking home but the yelling and crying can still be heard from were she is she gets freaked out by it so she runs home.

Walking past the freaked out girl and ask what's wrong, She tells me the whole story. It seems suspicious to me so I go and check it out. While walking towards the shops I think why I am going into a danger zone. The guys she was talking about was still waiting by the truck.And he was still staring right at the shop I realize that the girl was telling me the truth I jump the fence and snuck out back. there three guys standing outside of the back entrance they are holding ats. When I glance at their weapons behind a barrel I realize that there is blood on one of the bats my heart starts pounding what should I do.

They take me hostage and tie me up with all the other hostages and throw us in a room. They uplift every thing in search of money and valuables. They took all the money from the cash register and the wifes five hundred carat diamond necklace and a whole jewellery box of pearls and rubies he grabs them and starts his evil laugh “mwa ha ha ha MWAA HAA HAA HAA”. There mine all mine suddenly he goes outside and tells his men what he has found. My arm gets loose and I realize that I have a swiss-army knife in my pocket I cut the rope on my arm. My arms get free and I cut the rope off my leg and try to escape. I get outside until he whacks me in the head. Because of my foolish act he took the life of the shopkeeper and caves his head in.

I call for help while my new companion stands by the door waiting for Rick the meanest thief. My companion hits him in the head but then Rick pulls out a desert eagle and shot him in the stomach. It leaves a massive hole he suffers in pain. He gives up and slowly dies I get aggressive and turn to a Tank off left for dead 2. I grab Rick and throw him at the wall then Rodney comes up and tries hitting me with a bat I knock them out I turn back into a human and call for help.

As soon as help arrives I lead them to the hostages and robbers the cops taze rick in the face he screams like a little girl. They all get arrested and the dead corpses get cremated. I have now attended law school and is studying to be a marine. Rick is planning his revenge.