Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Weekend

In the weekend I went to my cousins house. The very first thing we did was we drove to the video store. I started looking in the comedy area while my cousin was searching through the horror movies. We were going to get the special of five movies for $10. One of my youngest cousins chose two kids movies, they were Horton here's a who and also Madagascar two. My cousin got two horror movies as well. I was left to choose one comedy and I chose Step brothers. We finally left the video store after all the searching. My cousin realised that we had no snacks so we rushed to to Pak'N'Save. We sprinted to the fizzy drink isle and he grabbed a 2.25 litre Fanta bottle, I was really surprised that he got that. we also got a big bag of marsh mellows for every one to roast in the fire and we couldn't forget the chips. We made our way to the checkout and we whizzed through the guy that served us our items. He was really nice and could see we were in a rush. We finally got home first we started play fighting on the trampoline obviously I won. My Aunty started the fire My cousin and I quickly grabbed a stick and ran in side. I burnt most of mine but they still tasted nice, for some odd reason my cousin had his ones in for longer but his wasn't burnt it was perfectly toasted. In the morning we went for a walk with my uncle Jarod, aunty Tamson, cousin Milly and my second youngest cousin Xavier. People just call him Xavie and my cousin thats about the same age as me Iziah. We walked across the beach and found heaps of crabs. My gumboot got stuck and I couldn't get it back out. My weekend was awesome. I like sleeping at my cousin's house.