Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Holiday

In the holidays I was riding my bike with my big brother. He took me to the BMX track. When we got there we had a rest from riding 2 km.
After our rest we were racing as fast as we could, there were high jumps bumpety zig zags and wall riding parts. We did it all 10 times.
When we were leaving my tire slipped and then I fell off, my bike tumbled on top of me and pushed my leg on a sharp pole. The sharp pole stabbed into me. I didn't notice at the time and then I felt a dripping feeling I looked at my leg and it had a big hole in it. I called out to my brother I told him what happened and he called an ambulance.

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  1. ooo that must hurt I would of started to cry. Did you start to cry? Keep up the good work By Isara


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