Friday, June 24, 2011


Today professional skaters get paid to do advertisements and compete in dangerous competitions. I wonder if Tony Hawk was just a normal person that liked to skate? He must have just entered a few competitions and then won most of them that's probably why he’s rich and famous.In skateboarding today people are usually doing grinds on rails and ollies over stairs. Now people do flips turns and twists on the vert ramps. People use the urban environment to do lots of street styled tricks.


  1. Wow Jacob,

    Those are very good pictures there and writing.I wish I could be like Tony Hawk.That is the only skateboarder I know...and can you skate good and FAST???

    Please write back your friend Wyatt

  2. Hey Jacob

    Good writing on skateboarding skateboarding these days are very dangerous and Tony Hawk is very lucky for himself, because he can do all sorts of tricks.

    Keep up the good work:)


  3. Hey Jacob good writing I like your interesting vocab .The images are really cool looking.



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