Monday, August 6, 2012

My weekend

In the weekend I played with my friend Vaughn. He lives next to me .We played tennis Over the fence and then we played squash against his weatherboards.

After we played he went inside because it was getting a bit dark. I went inside and played on the computer and playstation. I watched some movies as well. We had dinner we had spaghetti bolognaise for dessert we had cheese cake with cream.

My friend Vaughn came back and he brang his small puppy over her name is marley. We were playing with his dog I got an old ball and gave it to the dog and it ran away with it. I never saw it again.

Hopefully I find My ball today so I can play tennis and squash again. It was fun playing with his dog.

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  1. So funny that the dog is taking a number 2 and the girl fainted from the stink hahahaha :)


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