Monday, May 13, 2013


Yesterday a very special person came to P.T ENGLAND SCHOOL OMG. At first I didn’t know who it was but as soon as the camera crews came I knew it was someone important. When Mr. Burt said to everyone do you know about the black eyed peas right then I knew who it could be the I.AM ANGEL poster kind of gave it away.

I was ULTRA MEGA EXCITED when the one and only WILL.I.AM came. He is like my hero. I loved his presentation his life story was sad and cool at the same. It is great that he said the we need friends.

WILL.I.AM is my inspiration. When I feel sad or when I’m bored I listen to his music I think I could be just like him when I am older or be physicist.

WILL.I.AM and his foundation I.AM ANGEL is very generous. WILL.I.AM is My hero. Thank you a lot WILL.I.AM.

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