Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The campsite was called marsden bay christian camp. The grass there was amazingly green and soft. There were a few prickles but it still had nice scenery. They had these cool towering trees.

At camp there was a pretty cool waterslide it was kind of long and high. It went faster than I expected. On my first slide I reached the mud at the end. My favourite form of entry was the dolphin dive.

Another fun activity was surf education. Our instructors names were Chris and nick. Before we did anything they took us on a tour around the clubhouse. Chris took the boys and nick took the girls. We first went up to the lookout and used the binoculars then we went down to see the IRB inflatable rescue boat.

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  1. Hi Jacob, thanks for sharing what you have here. I would love to read a description of the place when you have time. What is the campsite called and where is it located? Would you recommend it to others - why or why not? Look forward to reading your reply.


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