Thursday, December 11, 2014


On tuesday and thursday mornings the year 7&8 students attend tech at tamaki. There are three tech subjects are materials, graphics and food. Every Tuesday and Thursday we walk down to tamaki to do our tech subject. Our tech teachers are Mr Pineda, Mr Grundy and Ms Heka.

I enjoy going to tech because it gives me a chance to experience different things and have fun at the same time. Walking to tech gives me a chance to properly catch up with my friends. Every week when I walk into my tech class I feel a sense of joy.

My favourite tech subject was hard materials because Mr Grundy is funny and has weird jokes. Mr Grundy is a cool teacher because he has a different approach to teaching. And he also has cool projects.

I think that I have had an amazing opportunity to attend to tamaki to participate at tech. Having this opportunity has helped me succeed through my journey.

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