Friday, May 27, 2011

Bigger,Better,Faster ,Stonger

Bigger,Better,Faster ,Stonger
On Monday Pt.England school had an Immersion Assembly to welcome kids back from our holidays and also to introduce people to their new topic for the term.
After team 4’s performance every one was clapping as team 5 approached the stage “I wonder what team 5 performance is going to be,” I said to myself.
Team 5 started to put gardening tools onto a table. Out of the dark Mrs Nua came out and she sat on a chair. Mr Harris, Mrs Tito, Mrs Lagitupu and Mr Barks were cutting her hair with hedge clippers. She was feeling scared because she didn’t want her hair to be ruined. They also modified a hair dryer into a bigger type so it had double action. My favorite team was team 5.

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