Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Kingfisher in the house

1. What is the Maori name for a Kingfisher?Kotare

2. List 9 things they eat:Bugs insects fish lizards worms frogs crickets grass
hoppers and meat.
3. Describe the plumage (feathers) on a Kingfisher:blue feathers.

4. How did she first know it was hurt?It was laying on the ground and it wasn’t flying.

5. Why do you think the author covered the Kingfisher’s cage?So it could rest.

6. How did the Kingfisher get injured?It got shot by a pellet.

7. Why did the author put tape on the wing?To stop the bleeding.

8. Describe how the author had to feed it:The author got tweezers with some meat on it and shoved it down the birds mouth.

9. Why did the author let the Kingfisher go?So it could in an open space.

10. Where do Kingfishers live (their habitat)?In North America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the UK.

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