Friday, November 15, 2013

My first day of school

“BZZZZ BZZZZ BZZZZ” “BZZZZ BZZZZ BZZZZ” Went the sound of my brothers alarm  u8i=clock, Quickly getting up I went to the bathroom to wipe my face. I rushed to my room and grabbed my favorite clothes and got dressed. I went into the kitchen to help my mum make my lunch She asked me “Are you excited for your first day of school”. I was making my favourite sandwiches peanut butter and jelly on them, a chocolate muffin, Cocktail sausages, tim tams and an orange. I jammed my lunch in my spider man back pack and waited by the car. As soon as my mum unlocked the car I hopped in my car seat. I can remember the directions perfectly. We pulled up to the school the name on the sign read Te rerenga school.

As I walked through the school gates I felt excited. My mum walked with me to the hall I sat down to see what class I was in the principal announced that I was in room 1 with Mr Errol. I got in line and walked to class. A child approached me and said hello I was nervous so I just said hello back his name was Ezekiel he was my first school friend.

When the morning tea bell rang I went to Ezekiel and sat with him. To start our friendship on a good start I gave half of my muffin to him. The whole interval I embarrassingly had muffin icing and crumbs on my face.


  1. Hi Jacob,
    I enjoyed reading your writing about your memories of your first day of school. As I read I was able to picture it in my head. It was clear and it also flowed well. Keep up the good work.

  2. Jacob, I loved reading your story about your first day of school. Your story has so many great details, I could picture it so clearly! Every time I hear the BZZZ BZZZ of my alarm clock, I want to hit the snooze button and go back to bed!


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