Friday, November 15, 2013

Writing sample

Construction workers in central park on towering scaffolds building a monument “Ssssssss” you could hear flowing through the midday breeze. One of the construction workers looked gormless the man dropped his tools and walked to the edge of the scaffolds and plunged to his death everybody wondered why this innocent man threw his life. After the breeze passed the men looked down at the roads and saw crashed cars. People everywhere were committing suicide survivors asking why this is happening not knowing the natural cause of this.

P2. Survival
Date March 3rd 2009

Half of earths population was wiped out. A random man pulled up to a farm in a 76 corvette he was searching for survivors. He knocked on the farmers door and the farmer quickly opened it and pulled the man in. The two men were walking through his magnificent green house the farmer asked “Whats your name” so the man said “Rick”. Rick said to the farmer “whats going on” “Well some people would call this judgement day or the apocalypse either one will do” Said the farmer “I mean why are people killing themselves for no reason” said Rick” Its the plants there taking back whats theres and leaching a neurotoxin into the air thats what that whisper is.

P3. A new beginning
Date August 18th 2009

Rick and another survivor came by a small cottage they walked to the porch there was an old lady was sitting on a rocking chair. She greeted the travellers and welcomed them in her house this was the beginning of a new life. With only 13.47 percent of the human race left the whisper stopped and the plants resigned and stopped releasing the neurotoxin. Everybody knew that someday this will happen again.

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