Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Writing sample

“ZOOOOOOOM” going 115 km down the highway went a Mustang GT speeding past us, within seconds it was gone. While we were driving my uncle Jarod blasted the music up as high as it would go, passengers in the cars next to us stared at us with a funny look. We drove under a sign that said “Hibiscus Coast 225 m on the right” my uncle flicked the indicators on and steered right. We pulled up to a house and entered.

As we unpacked a strange looking cat walked in and jumped up on the couch I shooed it away but it kept coming back. We walked about a kilometer to get to the beach. I saw a little stream leading to the ocean I sat down beside it and wondered what I could do with it so I decided to build a dam made of sand. First I dug a deep well so the water would flow into it so it would give me some time to get dry sand to make the dam. I got a bucket of dry sand and poured it on the dry side of the well. I pushed sand in the well so the water would hit the dam. My Plan failed  horribly.

On the third day we went to waiwera thermal resort for the day it was fantastic. I went on the slides more than swimming in the pools. I also liked going in the lazy river. My cousin and thought it would be funny to go on the little kids slide and splash all the people in the little pool it was funny. After a fun day we left on the way back we stopped by this amazing beach and went snorkeling.

On the last day we went to Goat Island. I ran to the the rock and bombed off of it with my snorkel as I looked through the amazing paradise filled ocean I noticed an odd object I thought it was an inanimate object until I saw a tail. I stared at it and realised it was a stingray I panicked and swam to shore. I found an awesome looking stone on my travels along beach.

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