Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My goals and avatar

My achievement I was most proud of  last year  in the classroom was competing in the athletics
because I wasn't completely sucky and I enjoyed it for once.

The thing I was most proud of last year outside of the classroom was staying out of trouble and not getting involved in gangs.

In reading my learning goal is to improve and not mumble when I am doing a reading test.

To achieve this goal I need to focus on my work and push my self

In writing  my goal is to write more effective paragraphs.

To achieve this goal I need to practice more often and not cruise through school.

In Maths my goal is to listen to the teacher and not daydream while instructions are being given

The learning area I think I need to improve in most is maths

In my learning my goal this term is to  show appreciation to my peers and teachers

My goal for this year around the classroom is to improve on my self management

My goal for this year around the school is to use my leadership skills

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  1. Hey Jacob,

    I like your avatar it looks cool as.


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