Friday, March 14, 2014

BIO poem 2014

Extremely humorous at times kind to trustworthy people
Who enjoys drawing, basketball and also admires friendship
Who feels bizarre and eccentric and feels thrilled when given a challenge
Who dislikes not hates people that don’t appreciate a person after one bad experience
Who wants to go to the amazon river and take a visit to California in the U.S.A and maybe a trip to the wonderful islands of Hawaii
Who wishes he could have met Andy Samberg and also meet Jonah Hill and especially Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Who is scared of gang bangers, murderers and also incredibly scared of heights, don’t know why.
Who dreams of being a successful physicist and discovering a new super stable heavy element that will change the world
Who is determined to do good at school and stay focused and not buy into bad behavior unless I started it.
Who values the people near around me who hopefully value me as a genuine person
Who is proud to be at the best school in New Zealand, Pt England school
Who graduated from nappies when I was two years old HaHa
Who lives in a dangerous but friendly area Glen Innes

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