Thursday, May 17, 2012

Epic swimming

My swimming instructor talking to me

Me trying back stroke

All classes in Pt England are taking swimming lessons. I thought that it was going to be a long and exhausting walk but it was quite refreshing. Swimming lessons are important for safety of young children.

We were half way walking towards the pools, Until we had to wait for the snails to catch up to the cheetahs. As we walked past the green swampy creek a disgusting stench ambushed my nose a bombardment of disgust struck my delicate nose hairs I wasn’t happy that sewage water ruining my morning.

As soon as we got to the pools everyone could smell the strong chlorine. At least it got rid of that other bad smell. We got told to go to the changing rooms to get ready in our togs for our swimming assessment. An assessment is when you get tested and get put a group swimming assessment.

The first part of our assessment was swimming with rocket arms. I got put in group two its not the worst and it’s not the best group but it is just right for my level. I’m not so good at freestyle and backstroke. The good thing is that I’m learning that’s why I am in the medium group.

Our swimming instructors name is Natalia. She is good at her job which is instructing swimming classes. We get half an hour with our swimming teacher. during our time the instructor helps us with our swimming like backstroke, rocket arms, freestyle and our breathing position.

As we walked back I was feeling tired and exhausted but....... I was just exaggerating. I just needed some water. After I had water I felt better I was as healthy as a horse.

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