Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starry starry night

Starry night was Created in Saint-Rémy, France in June, 1889 By Vincent Van Gogh.73 by 90 cm.

All of the colours contrast  between  happy and sad. Different colours are good but blue and yellow grab the most attention because he has put in more effort. But the small details still counted and are used in the buildings. The buildings are amazing with the 3 dimensional structures and the dimmed lights coming out the windows.

The sky is colourful with the bright yellow crescent moon and all the stars. The shapes of the stars are cool especially the waving swirling wind. That tall tree is called a cypress tree. It looks black but if you look at it properly it’s actually got strokes of green.

My favourite part of the piece of art is the orange and yellow sunset with the streaks of thick paint. In a way it looks real and in some way its looks a bit exaggerated is well.

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