Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh's sunflowers

Well do you have enough money to buy this work of art? It was sold for 40 000 000$ in an auction in 1987. I wonder what it would be worth now? The famous artist Vincent van Gogh used oil paint for his great paintings including sunflowers. The size of the magnificent sunflower painting was 73x90.

This painting must feel like a real sunflower because he just the slapped heaps of paint. It is so thick and bumpy. He must of wasted his money buying the paint because he just soars threw it he would even go without food to buy the paint. He slaps on the paint to the canvas and then he creates a master-piece.

There are not so many colours as I thought there would be. I wish it would be bright and happy and colourful with bright yellow, orange and red

Dark and Bright contrasts Dark Death and Bright Life. What do you think about sunflowers? are they as bright and happy as you think they are. Someone could send you old and dying sunflowers are they trying to send you a message? Or they could send fresh and nice sunflowers.

Most of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are sad and depressing it must represent his feelings of all the depression he was going through. He was so sad he cut a piece of his ear.

Sunflowers by Jacob


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