Monday, September 10, 2012


On Saturday night I watched Fear Factor with my grandad. Usually My grandad watches another program. But Not This Time......... My grandad said “do you really want to watch it“ And I said of course I want to it is one of the most awesomest show. We started watching it and my grandad started laughing. The prize money if you win this is 50,000.

After the first part that looked cool there was a freaky, weird and scary task it involved something that started wit S.... N.... A.... K.... E....S. Snakes Are very scary. The task was that they have to lay in a big box with all the SNAKES slithering around your body and your partner had to grab the snakes with his/her mouth and transfer them from one box to another. And then the snakes had to be weighed.

After the second task they had to have one partner hanging upside down and clipped to a rope that is clipped to a helicopter and your other partner has to ride a jet-ski. The partner has to get all the flags and give them to the partner on the helicopter.

Fear Factor is a cool program to watch. Now My grandad likes to watch fear factor with me.

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