Friday, September 21, 2012


Today it was !!!LOUD SHIRT DAY!!!, when Howard and I walked in to school Darius and this other person took a photo of us with our loud shirts and they made us hold a poster that said loud shirt day. And you also have to pay one dollar fee to dress for loud shirt day.

The loud shirt that I wore a Black long sleeve under my hawaiian shirt it is orange, yellow and red with black palm trees. It was my grandads but then he gave it to me now I have an awesome hawaiian shirt.

Now the bell has rung and we have to go to assembly, first we sang the national anthem and then Mr. Burt said that are prizes for the best dressed and there were there were four prizes. the teacher that was the best dressed was Mr Slade he was wearing a lavalava and a loud shirt.

They are going to fund the people that are deaf. I feel sorry for them.

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