Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kartmen's Birthday disaster

One sunny day at the Jakopolis beach there were a lot of friends of Kartmen’s, it was his birthday at the beach there are five adults and 14 kids. Kartmen’s best friend stan was there they are going to have a barbeque for lunch then they were going to camp for the night at Jakopolis beach on the sand, they were going to toast marshmallows on a fire. Kartmen’s other friend was there his name is Kenny, He can’t talk in big crowds. They are having so much fun playing on the groin and bombing off into the water a fine day was set out good weather good friends and good food until an unwelcomed guest arrived.

There was a pause in all the excitement Kartmen’s uncle Louie Gee was there he was drunk and aggressive as always, Kartmen was very terrified he was so scared and upset he all of a sudden had a rush of adrenaline and ran up to his uncle and pulled his hair and started punching him in the face his uncle was not a happy chap. He was so angry and drunk he grabbed Kartmen by the neck threw him at the ground he started abusing Kartmen’s mum. Kartmen was injured and he was crying it was so sore he already was bruised. Kartmen’s mum was screaming and yelling, Then suddenly the his dad and the uncle started fighting.

There is a problem and it needs to be fixed, Kartmen tells all the kids to back away from the terror. Kenny is in the water scared and away from the violence. All of a sudden Kenny felt something he took a step forward to see what it was with no doubt at all he slips and whacks his head on a hard sharp rock. Kenny is in shock blood his leaking out of his head. Fish start nibbling at his head and raw flesh he starts floating away he does not know that he is slowly dieing because he is unconcious. Kartmen Gets the all the kids to walk into the bush they are all far away from home and can’t go back. The kids start grabbing things to make a hutt to sleep in Kartmen realizes that Kenny is missing he screams out “KENNY, KENNY WHERE ARE YOU”. Kartmen starts crying Stan says its alright. Kartmens mum is already dead and his dad is badly injured and can’t move, Stan has had enough of this he grabs something from out of his bag he knew that something was going to go terribly bad he grabs some dirt and smears it on his cheek and says”ITS ON”. The uncle has a 62-22 ACTION REVOLVER A war has started. Stan grabs the object that he go from his bag Kartmen realizes that it is a AA-12 COMBAT SHOTGUN. A whole gang of psychotics come with M-4’S, SLUGGISH PISTOLS AND SAWN OFF SHOT GUNS. The uncle thinks the only way to escape is to fight back. Kartmen starts up a rescue party for Kenny and Stan and Louie Gee find all the weapons they and objects they can find. Kartmen’s dad has a flare gun they can use it as a distraction. The search party made a raft to find Kenny, They need Kenny alive because he is the smartest person there. Stan shot a gangsters in the face and his head got splattered all the gangsters got killed except for one that was so scared that he ran away the uncle got shot in the arm and survived.

In the end they only found Kennys body with all the life sucked out of him he could have survived but he drowned. He got cremated and now his remains are left in Jakobra falls left in peace and quiet and with the soothing sound of the waterfall. Kartmen is going to take revenge on the Ballas gang and they will never know what hit them. Kartmen’s mum is the Royal Cemetery, The cemetery felt sad so in memory of her they let her be buried in their cemetery because they felt sad about it and heard about their losses. THE END!!!!

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