Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush

It was time already I couldn’t wait for to happen now we're going to camp. My Uncle Leonard said “ When you're ten years old I could go camping with him and My cousin Jared”. I was so excited that we were going so I quickly got ready and grabbed my essentials which includes my fishing shorts my shirts a torch a hat my tent and my most needed thing..... My jandals. My Uncle was already sorted he put the fishing rods in the boot and the Jared was ready as well we left immediately.

We were finally there it took three hours to get there. We were in the countryside where there is a water hole, a beach, a stream and a river with salmon and trout and a lot of duck around there. First we went fishing I caught a medium salmon, Jared caught a small salmon and my uncle fished up a giant trout. I was amazed at what I got but then seeing Leonards one I thought my one was a joke. Mine tasted the best because I deboned mine and put in some salt and boiled it. Then we went to sleep lucky I had my PS VITA to stop me from getting bored.

We wake up and realize that the place doesn’t look the same the wind must of pushed  the branches on the tracks now we don’t remember the way to the beach so to make it more fun we made a raft out of sticks and logs I put my blanket as a sail and pots to keep it afloat. We made it to the beach and started laughing and then had a swim after hours of fun we headed back and found out that our stuff was gone.

We got a bit freaked and I panicked so we ran back to the car and as we ran past I saw blood in the water hole and a person we went to help my uncle grabbed her and we went to the car. We sped through to the nearest hospital to get help I stayed with the lady while my uncle went to the police station to tell them about the people that stole our stuff. They got busted and gave the stuff back and had to do ten years of jail time.

The lady we helped recovered and has thanked Leonard. We payed for her medication. And she died a few weeks later. THE END.....

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