Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Camp Bentzon Recount

These guys are having as much fun as I was.

On tuesday the 20th of november most of the year six’s woke up extra early. I woke up at ten minutes to five, I got dressed and everything and then my mum and me went pick Howard and his mum up at six thirty. First my mum tooted the horn and then I went to the door and knocked, howard answered the door and I said “Are you guys ready” and he said “ yes” Which was a relief because we needed to get our lunch. We just got our lunch and breakfast.

I thought we were late to school but we got there five minutes early to leave to sandspit. We had to pack anyone's bag in first then we had that cleared off the list we went into the hall hall and Mr Burt said a korero and then we left as we were walking out of the hall my mum came and gave me a big hug and kiss in front of my friends...... HOW EMBARRASSING. Finally we got on the bus I waved goodbye and I had a smirk on my face. After a long bus ride we arrived at sandspit. We caught the ferry at sandspit. Some kids saw Mr Coupe threw his bags out of his van.

We finally got on the ferry, and I sat on the end seat where there was the most wind. My hair blew back and wind flew through my hair. After a nice relaxing ride we arrived at Kawau Island. I was so excited when we were pulling up to the wharf. All the boys did the haka for Peter and Erin. Erin came a bit late and said can we do the actions of the haka so she can take a photo.

We had to put our bags down and go for a long walk to explore a small but large part of Kawau Island. It took us about half an hour to get half way. We sat down and had a rest and something to drink, Isara put a small rock on a big pile of stones. It took us half an hour to get down as well it was really steep walking down I was imagining how hard it would be to get back up. When we got down people were skimming rocks after that we headed back.

On thursday at camp when we finished our activities I went on the pontoon and was jumping off. I was getting bored and I looked over at the wharf and saw my friends so I swam back to shore and ran to the wharf. At first I afraid that I might jump off and go to deep and slice my foot open. but then Esrah encouraged me to give it a go so I did. I stood at the edge and just jumped in after jumping off I felt more confident and wanted to go on the tall wooden pillar. My friends jumped and I waited then when they in the water I leaped in and was laughing because I got G-FORCE in my stomach.

My favourite highlights were Sailing, kayaking, abseiling, Bombing off the wharf and the volley ball. I think Camp Bentzon was a blast.

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