Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last week on wednesday at ten o'clock we walked down to the bottom field I was wondering where we were going and then I saw a trailer that said Tri Kids. I thought Oooh its a triathlon. There were three men Mark, Brett and Adrian they were the people that were running and supervising the whole thing.

I said if it’s a triathlon what do you do for the swimming part but then I saw people on a water slide I realized what it was but no one brought any togs.

They told us about most of the rules and what we could and couldn’t do. They also told us what transition means. Transition one is when you walk your bike out.The rules I remember are NO riding bikes in transition.

The boys started off with riding the bikes first there was a variety to choose from as soon as I walked out of transition with the bike jumped on the bike my rear end got wet from the people that were before us they went on the water slide and got the seat wet. I had finished on the bike and put it away and then went for my run.

I kind of liked that except for choosing the broken bikes twice in a row and getting wet. And Everyone got a certificate which was cool.

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